Krkonoše Krkonoše - svazek měst a obcí
Regionální rozvoj Krkonoše


Královéhradecký Region

The Královéhradecký Region lies in the northeast of the Czech Republic and borders Poland. Its area of 4758 makes it the 9th largest of the 14 regions, including Prague. It comprises the five former districts of Hradec Králové, Jičín, Náchod, Rychnov nad Kněžnou and Trutnov. It has 448 boroughs, of which 1 statutory city and 42 towns. It has a population of approx. 550 thousand.

Liberecký Region

The Liberecký Region lies in the north of Bohemia. It is the second smallest region after Prague, covering some 4% of the Czech Republic. It comprises the four former districts of Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou, Semily and Česká Lípa, covering an area of 3163 It has a population of approx. 428 thousand and Liberec is the largest town in the region.


Ministry for Regional Development

The Ministry for Regional Development is the central state authority for regional policies, housing policies, development of houses and apartments, letting of apartments and non-residential premises, urban planning and building code, expropriation, investment policies, tourism and funeral facilities.


Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment is the supreme authority for nature conservation and environmental protection in the Czech Republic, the central state authority for the protection of waters, air, nature and landscape, arable land, the state geological service, the protection of raw materials including minerals and underground waters, waste management, etc. It is also the central state authority for gamekeeping, fishery and forest management in national parks, and the central state authority for the state environmental policy.



Union of Towns and Boroughs of the Czech Republic

The Union of Towns and Boroughs of the Czech Republic is a national voluntary non-political and non-governmental organisation, established as an association of legal entities. The Union’s members are towns and boroughs. The Union is a partner to the governmental and parliamentary political representation. It participates in the preparation and creation of legislative and non-legislative measures as regards the competence of boroughs. The activities of the Union mostly stem from the activities of the mayors and members of local governments of boroughs and towns who, on top of their ordinary duties, work in the area of general issues in respect of local government. The Union has around two and a half thousand member towns and boroughs now.



Euroregion Nisa

The Neisse – Nisa – Nysa Euroregion is the first generally accepted form of transnational cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe. It was established in 1991 and became a pioneer as regards cooperation between the border regions. The objective of the work is to overcome barriers in the regions of Northern Bohemia, Upper Lusatia and Lower Silesia. The Euroregion is a voluntary association of boroughs and districts of Bohemia, Germany and Poland, and was established in order to support the development of these regions in the form of mutual trans-boundary cooperation. Since 2004 its seat has been in Liberec, the largest city in the region.


Euroregion Glacensis

By signing the treaty on establishing the joint Euroregion Glacensis in 1996, concluded between the association of towns and boroughs ‘Pomezí Čech, Moravy a Kladska’ and the Association of Klodzko Boroughs, several years of efforts focusing on the development of transboundary cooperation in both countries were accomplished, laying the cornerstone for the largest and oldest Czech-Polish Euroregion. Euroregion Glacensis is a transnational association of towns and boroughs and other legal entities in the districts of Náchod, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Hradec Králové, Trutnov, Jičín, Chrudim, Svitavy, Ústí nad Orlicí, Pardubice, Jeseník and Šumperk for the Czech Republic, and the association of the towns and districts of Kłodzko, Ząbkowice, Wałbrzych, Strzeliń and Dzierżoniow for Poland.


KRNAP  – Krkonoše National Park

The Krkonoše (or Krkonošský) National Park was founded in 1963 and lies in the north-eastern part of Bohemia along the Polish border, or in the Královéhradecký and Liberecký regions in administrative terms. The National Park Administration maintains an area of 54 969 hectares at an altitude between 400 and 1602 m (Sněžka) above sea level.


RDA - Rychnov nad Kněžnou

The Regional Development Agency, commonly known as RDA, is a voluntary regional association of Euroregion ‘Pomezí Čech, Moravy a Kladska’ – Glacensis and the Voluntary Association of Boroughs in the Orlické Mountains Region. The agency aims to provide support and coordination of economic, social and cultural development in Euroregion Glacensis, emphasising the trans-boundary cooperation with Poland. Its key task is the preparation and realisation of projects co-financed from EU and CR resources. The RDA is active in the Královéhradecký. Pardubický and Olomoucký regions.


MAS Krkonoše

Local Action Group (MAS) Krkonoše is a citizens’ association established in September 2005. MAS Krkonoše was established in order to provide general support for the development of the Krkonoše region and the submontane areas through activities that can be realised to the benefit of the residents and visitors, boroughs, NGO’s, small private businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises and other entities that are active in the region.



MAS Přiďte pobejt

The MAS ‘Přijďte pobejt’ citizens’ association is a voluntary association of people who seek to develop the Jilemnice region in the spirit of their ideas and resolutions. They try to fulfil this intention, besides others, by gaining financial support for the relevant area. The MAS ‘Přijďte pobejt’ has been active in the Jilemnice region since 2004. The associate parties are representatives of boroughs, entrepreneurs, local associations and NGO’s, and include private farmers, private craftsmen, owners of museums, owners of private businesses, scouts, firemen, representatives of the National Park Administration and mountain cooperatives.


Regional Business Chamber of the Královéhradecký Region

The Chamber is an entity representing public business persons in the Královéhradecký Region. It protects the interests of its members, be they small, medium-sized or large businesses, associated in the regional network of chambers with offices in Hradec Králové, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Náchod, Trutnov and Jičín.


Regional Business Chamber in Liberec

It was apparent in 1990, when conditions for private business were established, that entrepreneurs must be organised and their position strengthened. Seven regional offices of the Czechoslovak Industrial Chamber were established, including one in Liberec. It has always been among the leading offices in the country. After 1996 it gradually transformed and merged with the district chambers into the Regional Business Chamber in Liberec.  


Krkonoše – Union of Towns and Boroughs

The Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs has since 2000, when it was established, been made up of 41 member towns and boroughs in the tourist region, covering an area of more than 80 thousand hectares and a population of over 60 thousand. It lies in the Královéhradecký and Liberecký regions, stretching from Kořenov in the west to Žacléř in the east. It is visited by several million tourists from the Czech Republic and abroad each year. The key task for the Union is to carry out projects aiming to support tourism in the tourist region and provide their financing.


Związek Gmin Karkonoskich

Związek Gmin Karkonoskich was established in 1992 in Poland as an association of seven larger boroughs of approximately the same area and population as those in the Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs. The two associations signed a Memorandum of Friendship, Understanding and Cooperation in 2004. Their joint objective is to promote the vision of “The Krkonoše – Mountains without Borders”.


Svazek obcí Východní Krkonoše (The Eastern Krkonoše Union of Boroughs)

This is an association of nine towns and boroughs: Trutnov, Mladé Buky, Svoboda nad Úpou, Janské Lázně, Černý Důl, Horní Maršov, Malá Úpa, Pec pod Sněžkou and, since 2011, Žacléř. The reason was to cooperate in providing extensive tourist services. The area covered by the association lies in the most important parts of the Krkonoše.


SPF Group v.o.s.

SPF Group v.o.s. is a company which renders consultancy services in local and regional development and in environmental quality management. The services include consultancy and the support of central, regional and local institutions in the field of strategic and project management, from the preparation of regional and local development strategies, through the identification and preparation of development programmes and projects, to assistance in their realisation, monitoring, evaluation and financial management.




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