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Integrated Landscape Development Plan (KIPR)

Integrated Landscape Development Plan (KIPR)

The Šumava region has taken a road which the Krkonoše region also wants to take

Members of the working team established by the Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs together with the representatives of boroughs in the Central, Eastern and Western Krkonoše, National Park Administration, Liberecký and Královéhradecký Regions and others, have undertaken to prepare the Integrated Strategy for the Krkonoše Region for 2014–2020 based on the analysis. One possible approach is to use the intentions of the Ministry of the Environment, and prepare the Integrated Landscape Development Plan (KIPR) also for the Krkonoše region.

The KIPR may be seen as a tool that supports sustainable development of this region as well. It may also become an important tool to effectively draw finances from Europe’s structural funds. The KIPR, in our opinion, is destined to become the coordination tool for the joint preparation of the entire complex of interlinked projects of regional importance. The projects included in the KIPR, as intended by the Ministry of the Environment, could be supported from the current operational programmes and from other ministries, such as regional operational programmes if they seek to resolve issues in the comprehensive development of towns and boroughs in the region, or from other national programmes, if they are available. The projects which will be carried out on the basis of the KIPR include, for instance, water management projects, development of tourism, infrastructure, transport and public facilities. They will not, however, focus on an increase in beds available for tourists, but will rather focus on the development of services related to tourist visits to the relevant locations.

This implies that the Krkonoše region should also be more closely interested in a conceptual approach such as this, that could help it resolve its major issues.

The Ministry of the Environment authorised the Šumava National Park Administration some three years ago to prepare a pilot project for the Integrated Landscape Development Plan for Šumava. Based on the experience thus gained, this approach should be applied in other regions.

In connection herewith, Josef Nosek, an official of the Krkonoše Union and the Regional Development Manager, who visited Šumava with selected members of the working group, explains: It was necessary to discuss the experience with the staff who had prepared Šumava’s KIPR on site, and use it, if suitable, to prepare a similar way for the Krkonoše region. What we have learned from the open discussion is certainly valuable for us. We know how the joint preparation of the Šumava’s document helped mutual understanding and improved relationships between the Šumava National Park and boroughs or other entities which participate in preparing the Šumava policy, what they had to cope with in relation to other institutions, ministries and the Ministry of the Environment.

We will now try to use all of this in the Krkonoše, so that our intentions express primarily the needs of the region and also comply with the regional and national concepts. These are, in my opinion, important prerequisites for the efforts of the Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs and everyone living, doing business or visiting the Krkonoše to be meaningful and bring concrete results in the upcoming period.

If we had not visited the Šumava, there would probably have been no meeting of the seven specific Czech regions of areas of special protection which the Krkonoše also belongs to. The objective will be to harmonise the approach of all participants in order to support such solutions with their arguments that will restrict bureaucracy, facilitate administrative procedures and implement objective criteria to assess the qualities of individual or partial projects so that financing for their realisation is used effectively and contribute to resolving what is most important in each region. This meeting is to be held in May in Prague.

April 2012

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