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Integrated Strategy for Development of the Krkonoše Region

Integrated Strategy for Development of the Krkonoše Region

Integrated Strategy for Development of the Krkonoše Region (hereafter referred to as “the Strategy”) should become an important concept document to define the directions in which this region will develop in the long term, i.e. 20–30 years. Its key objective is to define the development vision following a consensus among the municipalities, businesses and non-profit organisations and other local stakeholders, i.e. what the Krkonoše region should look like in the future and how to achieve this vision. An important role in the Strategy is that of harmonising and balancing economic, social and ecological processes and the coordination of public and private activities. The strategy will be the key underlying document to determine the area dispositions for regional development.


The Strategy must do the following:

1. Determine the basic conditions and assumptions for the development in its broader context

2. Analyse the causes of development and the current situation primarily in the following fields:

  • Demography and migration
  • Education structure and school system
  • Employability
  • Social structure and social integration
  • Settlement structure
  • Housing
  • Region’s economy
  • Unemployment
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Technical and transport infrastructure
  • Landscape potential and environmental protection
  • Opportunities of the cultural potential
  • Tourism
  • Public administration

3. Define the key development trends and express the strengths and weaknesses for their realisation

4. Suggest the appropriate development targets and priorities in the following fields:

  • Residents
  • Visitors
  • Nature and environmental protection

5. Suggest how to use the opportunities and develop the inner and outer potential of the Krkonoše region allowing it to overcome any issues or barriers in order to achieve the defined targets.


The Strategy Preparation process will be:

  • Based on the principle of cooperation and consensus among boroughs and key stakeholders
  • Acceptable by important entities in the region
  • Guarantee accordance with the relevant strategic documents (local government, CR, EU) and for them be the impulse to respect the needs of the Krkonoše region
  • Concluded by the approval of the relevant authorities of the Union, National Park Administration, etc.
  • The attached document

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