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The Krkonoše 2050 Vision

The Krkonoše 2050 Vision

We, the people who live, work and come to spend our free time in the Krkonoše, know the extraordinary value of our mountains. We do not feel like their competitor and don’t want to lose to them or win over them. We respect their natural richness and man-made heritage, and we intend to follow the traditions of our forefathers – former inhabitants and visitors of the Krkonoše who were able to live in harmony, friendly tolerance and partnership with the mountains.

We want to pass this wealth on to our descendants. We will therefore live and act so that our vision of the future Krkonoše will be fulfilled in the middle of the 21st century, expressed symbolically as “The Friendship of People and Mountains”. We hereby bind ourselves and our elected representatives at all levels, and we appeal to the authorities of the Czech Republic and Poland and to the EU to jointly respect the following rules which establish the relationships between the people of the Krkonoše and the nature of the mountains.

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