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The Krkonoše Appeal

The Krkonoše Appeal

The Krkonoše Appeal


We, the undersigned, unanimously support the document entitled “The Krkonoše Appeal to Finish the D11/S3 Motorway”.


Only the quick completion of this communication can prevent the increasing loss of perspective and prosperity of the entire Krkonoše region, allow sufficient jobs for the locals and thus prevent the moving away of residents.


We are signing the Krkonoše Appeal, convinced that we will contribute to supporting the completion of this D11/S3 roadway, which is so important for us and will lead to the stabilisation and competitiveness of our economy, and not only industry but also tourism, on which our region almost solely relies.


We are sure that the Krkonoše cannot be taken as merely a peripheral area of the Czech Republic or Poland, but is primarily a very important region for the central part of Europe. Quick completion of the D11/S3 will also greatly improve the quality of trans-European transport.


Vrchlabí 5.6.2012

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