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Regionální rozvoj Krkonoše

Regional Development of the Krkonose

This website has been conceived to support regional development in the Krkonoše Mountains’ specific area and also to serve as a platform for open discussion to share opinions and experience regarding regional development of the area.

Three main topics are identified in respect of the Krkonoše Mountains region:

  • Residents
  • Visitors
  • Environment

The “Working Group for the Integrated Strategy of the Krkonoš Region” was established in October 2011 as the main force which drives the Krkonoše’s regional development and prepares opportunities for the region, in order to obtain considerable financing in the upcoming EU planning period 2014–2020.

This working group consists of some 15 experts from various fields, all of whom are tightly linked to the region’s development targets.

The topic of residents is represented in the Working Group by mayors of the towns and boroughs located in the eastern, central and western parts of the Krkonoše Mountains.

The topic of visitors is represented by the staff of the Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs, who have been tourism experts in the Krkonoše region for more than 12 years.

The topic of the environment is represented by renowned experts from the Krkonoše National Park Administration.

The projects and logistics are provided by the staff of the Regional Development Agency.

The group is supported and supervised by the head officials of the Department of Regional Development at the Královéhradecký and Liberecký regional governments.

The area concerned consists of 41 towns and boroughs, which are part of the Krkonoše Union, The area further stretches along communication axes to Poland (Královec/Lubawka and Harrachov/Jakuszyce border crossings) and from the Nová Paka submontane region.


Vrchlabí 2. 11. 2011


The Krkonoše Jointly Seeks a Future for the Region’s Development


Representatives of the Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs in the central, eastern and western Krkonoše and the National Park Administration have established a joint working team whose objective is to prepare the tasks for the analysis of development opportunities for the broader Krkonoše region and, subsequently, the Krkonoše Integrated Development Plan (KIPR), focusing on the national park area and its buffer zone.

The first meeting of the working group was held 14 days ago and the second meeting is scheduled for next week. It has elected the chairman of the Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs and Mayor of Vrchlabí, Jan Sobotka, as the group’s chairman and the director of the Krkonoše National Park Administration, Jan Hřebačka, as his deputy.

“We live in a unique environment of the beautiful and precious nature of the national park, which is also part of the Natura 2000 European system. This is our wealth which we have to be able to sustainably use. It is apparent that the economic crisis is far from finished. It has obvious impacts in our region as well, and we want to be prepared. We are doing our best to keep the existing employers in the region but we also want to know of some other possible directions which the Krkonoše region may follow”, says Jan Sobotka, chairman of the Krkonoše Union.

“It’s not a sprint; preparation of the development analysis and the KIPR will take some time, but I am sure that without a concise idea of what the people in the region can live on, we won’t be able to handle it”, says Jan Hřebačka, director of the Krkonoše National Park Administration. “It will be of major importance to know the development opportunities of the region before the new programme period of the EU begins in 2014”, added Hřebačka.

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